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"Start Page" currently contains two blocks of items in SAS Enterprise Guide - "Pinned Items" and "Recent Items".


The "Recent Items" section should be split into "Recent Programs" and "Recent Datasets" based on the type of item being referred to. Each section should be selectable for "viewing" either in the "Start Page" (e.g. grouping drop down) or in SAS Enterprise Guide's menu (Tools > Optons") so that they are hidden or visible.

Further sections could be added, so that file paths (and SAS logical references) are used to determine the content "relationship" to SAS - .sas for "programs", .csv/.xls/.xlsx etc for "files" (or "data"), etc.

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Obsidian | Level 7

I support this request.  I'm having a hard time keeping track of which EG project I most recently worked on.  I have about 15-20 EG projects that are "pinned".  There is no ability to sort these by most recently used!