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YohoStay - Lease with Ease, Final Submission

Started ‎02-06-2021 by
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YohoStay is a smart and integrated property management system that brings Tenant, Landlord and Tradies on the same platform to make the property management seamless. We are using AI and ML for advance background checks and application processing which makes it easier of landlords to make their decision while choosing perfect Tenant and this also saves them from rental frauds and scams.
Key features -
  1. Comprehensive tenant profile scoring using SAS Viya Text analytics and Equifax background check
  2. Real time rental application processing
  3. Maintenance and repair task management 
  4. Co-living enablement with profile matching using AI and ML
  5. Analytical dashboards for Landlords     
  6. Many more advanced features which will help tenant and landlords throughout leasing lifecycle
Team Name YohoStay
Track Startups
Use Case All in One integrated platform for DIY rental property management

SAS Viya (Visual Text analytics),
PHP Laravel and Angular frameworks,

HTML, CSS, Javascript, SQL,

Region AP
Team lead Nagendra Yadav
Team members

@NY-Synk (Nagendra Yadav)

@AashnaSharma (Aashna Sharma)

@Tejas_Dabhi1 (Tejas Dabhi)
@Swiki  (Swiki KC)



Final Submission Short Video - 



Final Submission Long Video -



Hi Nagendra,

I'm Swiki, a UX/UI Designer from Perth. I'm very interested in your use case. I'd like to be a part of your team and contribute from UX/UI perspective. 


Hi @Swiki Thanks for showing your interest in our project. We could surely use some help in UI/UX area. Just send your profile at and we will take it from there?





Team YohoStay, nice work with AI, ML and Text Analytics.

Hi YoHoStay,

Can you eloborate if possible where the AI/ML is embedded in your business process? Where do you use Text Analytics and some of the ML algo's?



Hi @Shyam2021,

Thanks for reaching out. We use Text Analytics to process feedbacks provided by the ex-landlords and other references (personal and professional) of a prospect Tenant for sentiment analysis. This gives us a score which we use to decide whether feedback was Positive, Neutral or Negative.

We generate a comprehensive tenant profile score based on Sentiment analysis, Financial stability, Tenancy database checks, Identity Documents checks, bankruptcy proceedings and court judgments, which helps the Property owners to shortlist the candidates and make their decisions faster in Tenant selection process.


We will also be adding Tenant profile matching feature which will help Tenants find compatible roommates in shared living (Co-living) arrangements.

I hope this clarifies your query.


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