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NPK4Ever: Optimization of Manure Based Fertility Solutions

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Detailed Project Overview 
Fresh Video 
NPK4ever is all about creating a circular economy for fertilizer that can help grow more nutritious food sustainably for the next 100 years. Check out our work below and thanks for your attention. 
Quick Project Overview 
Proposed locations for Recycled Fertilizer Depots and Factories 
$105 per metric ton Carbon Offset 
$150 per Metric Ton Carbon Offset Price 
Team Name NPK4Ever
Track Data for Good, Startups
Use Case Optimization of Manure Based Fertility Solutions 
Technology SAS OR and Optimization 
Region USA
Team lead Dani Jones, James Hunt ( SAS mentor) 
Team members Dani Jones, Tasmin Hossain, Kelly Zering, Jordan Phasey, Mahmoud Sharar, Silas Huckings, John Hinic 


Silas Huckins


James Hunt 😎


John Hinic

Hey y'all! This looks like a really cool project with big implications. Here in NC, this issue shows up in the context of large hog farms where nutrient cycling is hyperlocalized in ways that adversely affect the quality of life for neighboring communities. So far it seems the lack of information on the full spectrum of possibilities has limited the consideration of alternatives, so it will be interesting to see what your hacks reveal here!


Lohan Rossi

Dani Jones 🙂 

Kelly Zering    Seeking solutions that create the greatest gain.




Can you please replace your YouTube links with direct uploads of your videos instead? You can do this by clicking the Video button in the toolbar:



Tasmin Hossain 🙂

Great work and awesome concept, guys!  I love the concept of recycling our Nitrogen, Phosphorus and potassium resources.  You should bring your research up here to Western Canada.  There's a lot of animal farming (Alberta beef, for instance) and phosphate mining for fertilizers.  Not sure how much farmers here are currently doing a forever recycling of animal manure as plant nutrient sources.  We also have a lot of grazing land up here, so it might be worth expanding your research to Canada and taking a look at the situation up here.

Thanks @EseOmats1425 , as a former resident of Ottawa, CA, I support expanding the analysis to Canada. 😀

Thank you for the feedback @JohnBalla and @EseOmats1425! As a wife of a Canadian, I too support this expansion :). 

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