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JAKSTAT - Analytics for post Covid 19 Economic Resurrection

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Track Public Sector
Use Case Using SAS Analytics to explore, map and analyze data to help Jakarta Government to optimize disbursement of financial aid for Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs)
Technology SAS, Python
Region APAC
Team lead Muhammad Iqbal @miqbalpillie 
Team members

Deby Awalya Bonita @debyawalya 

Rahmatin Nur Amalia @amalia 

Rangga Pratama @rangga 

Adi Hadianto @adihadianto 

Bagus Sartono @bagusco 

Alexandro Siahaan @alexiest 

Purwo Sucahyadi @purwosucahyadi 

Khoirunnisa @khoirunnisa31 

Salman Haydar @salmanhaydar 


Social media handles

Deby Awalya Bonita

Muhammad Iqbal

Rahmatin Nur Amalia

Bagus Sartono

Adi Hadianto

Purwo Sucahyadi

Rangga Pratama

Salman Haydar

Alexandro Siahaan


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Here we go!!!

For Jakarta's evidence based policy! 

the objective/ purpose of this subject is beautifully said😊

Best of Luck for JAKSTAT team 👍

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