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Explore the simple application of SAS to IoT

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As a rookie team.We want to implement some simple applications of SAS to AIOT.Data from industrial production direction.Including the following aspects:
1. Analyze the optimal setting of production equipment parameters
2. Statistical report of equipment working efficiency
3. Equipment capacity estimation






Team Name ECS
Region China
Team lead Rafe07
Team members @Chenglong_Wang

In this age of data. We need to pass the collected data through statistical analysis. Get results that can guide decision-making.When we face the collected data. It is difficult for us to understand directly the impact of data on production results.

For this competition, our data came from an industrial production facility.It contains the environmental parameters of the equipment, including, temperature, air pressure and humidity, and also collects the output power of the equipment.

We use SAS for visual analysis and exploration of data. Explore data associations. Identify the key factors that affect the production results. Through advanced algorithms provided by SAS. Get the optimal configuration value of the key factors.Apply this configuration to production to increase our production capacity.

@Rafe07 - Thank you for participating in the upcoming SAS hackathon. Based on your comments, are asking about the SAS PQA product? If so, I wanted to let you know that PQA will not be included as part of the software provided during the hackathon. I'm happy to help to explore alternative options using SAS ESP to solve your needs.
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