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Enhanced Motorcycle Safety with IoT

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Team Name Macrovention
Track Data for Good
Use Case

The motorcycle is the most common transportation in Malaysia. In 2019, there are 567,516 total accidents involved a motorcycle. 5,764 are Fatal accidents. 554,120 accidents involved damage only.


The safety distance between motorcycles and other vehicles is different depends on the speed. Apart from the reaction for think to break and breaking duration also need to consider. 3 Seconds Rule allows the rider to react to the situation. 


Improving the reaction especially from the behind will help the rider to be more cautious with the situation. 

Technology Sensors, Raspberry Pi, SAS Viya
Region APAC (Malaysia)
Team lead Hadi Yahya
Team members @zulhadi, Heng


Macrovention - Enchanced Motorcycle Safety with IoT-Diagram.jpg


Project Progress Update (1 - 7 March 2021)


We can store the information collected by the ultrasonic sensor and the camera into MariaDB. The information is display on the simple webpage as below. Since we still developed the device, we collect the data in the test environment.


The task that has been performed:

  • Testing sensor
  • Store the data into MariaDB
  • Display the data on the webpage


We categorize the information collected into 3 categories distance with <= 5 cm, between 5.01 - 10.00 cm, and => 10.01 cm.

WhatsApp Image 2021-03-07 at 16.32.48.jpeg

Really good illustration of an IoT use case.  Thank you for your submission.

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