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Covid Risk Prediction and Monitoring System

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Team Name Innova Tracers
Track Data for good
Use Case Covid Risk Prediction and Monitoring System
Technology IoT, Machine Learning, AI.
Region EMEA
Team lead Jesus Cariño, Jose Ignacio Bernaldo (Expert Advisor)
Team members @jesus_carino ,Carlos Pandero (Data Analyst)



To assure security conditions in public premiseswe propose to create a system that centralizes the information gathered from multiple data sources to monitor in real time and forecast the level of risk of Covid-19 infection 

The benefits obtained are very importantAssuring proper conditions inside premises and giving monitoring tools to the management personnel of the premises can reduce the risk of contagionand hence contribute to a sustainable economic reactivation. 



This system will be constructed in three steps. Firstthe system will collect information from multiple devices to create environment variables and determine the risk of infection, based on rules.  

The second step is to estimate the probability of infection of each person using the historical data gathered by the devices of the premises visited by the user along a determined period 

Finally, aggregate the information of the first two steps to create a more accurate real-time indicator of risk.  


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