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Cityeye - Tracking changes in the city for the public sector

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Team Name Cityeye (by
Track Government
Use Case Automatically find changes to buildings in the city through public data and AI

Web scraping

Text analysis

Computer Vision

Machine Learning

Region EMEA
Team lead @camielv 
Team members Anjali, Roser



Do you want to dig a cellar? A dormer on top of your house? Finally, develop that shed to take your crafting hobby to the next level? It just keeps getting easier to get things like this done. You no longer need to apply for a permit from the municipality for more and more construction work. This trend will accelerate, particularly as a result of the introduction of the environmental law.


In contrast, Dutch municipalities are legally obliged to keep track of changes in the city. Since 2009, the basic registers exist in which the government collects information about the physical environments: the BAG with all addresses of buildings, the BGT with the topography of the city and the WOZ with the values ​​of buildings. This data is then used to calculate taxes, but also by green management and emergency services.


Since permits are required for fewer constructions, the signals of change are no longer received via permit applications., together with the municipality of The Hague (see article) and other municipalities, is investigating alternative ways to find these signals of changes in public data. Dutch Municipalities are looking for a solution that handles signals for the three required key registers accurately, coherently and efficiently in one system.



At, we utilise data and AI as key tools for sustainable decisions for the planet. We bring insights to asset managers for safety and maximize asset yields, by converting images into meaningful figures and numbers using AI. Asset managers use the service for many use cases such as finding broken solar panels, monitoring the quality of steel, and counting inventory. This enables asset managers to reduce revenue loss due to errors and degradation.


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Looking good! Can't wait to see your video!

Camiel and team, great that you bring in this usecase to the hackathon. Looking forward to have a productive and successfull month in collaboration with you!

Exciting use case! Looking forward to working with you!

Thanks for uploading your videos, Camiel and team!

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