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COVID-19 Vaccination Distribution & Efficacy Tracker

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Team Name AVANT - DIVA
Track Data for Good - AI & ML
Use Case A tracker to measure & track the efficacy of the COVID-19 vaccinations being distributed by each country
Technology SAS VIYA - VDMML, Data Mining & ML
Region AP (Japan)
Team lead @jetsont86 
Team members @banuraga @Lai16 @ShenQicheng @bdiwas @vicchan @yuta_adachi @masaoki 


COVID-19 has ravaged most of the world over the past year, devastating not only the economy and its resources, but also changed the way people perceive and receive information, moving from word of mouth to viewing media from home either via TV or tuned social media based on each person's preferences.


As vaccinations are being deployed and carried out across the world from multiple providers, lots of information & disinformation are affecting the ability for governments to distribute the vaccines effectively as well as to track the efficacy of those vaccines.


There are a few methods of vaccine distribution strategies such as Ring Vaccination ( or Pulse Vaccination ( We believe that it is highly crucial to ensure that there is proper tracking and measurements of the level of effectiveness on distributions strategies, based on each vaccine provider, & comparing them countries which have yet to begin vaccination in order to identify & make best case recommendations

Pls contact me asap for further dialogue!


Ulf Hertin
Principal Adviser - Healthcare and Public sector * Track lead Health [Life Science &Healthcare]
Mobile: +4672 564 80 80 *
SAS Institute AB (Sweden) * Stora Frösunda Solna 169 70 Sweden
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Great Video @jetsont86 

@banuraga @Lai16 @ShenQicheng @bdiwas @vicchan @yuta_adachi @masaoki 

Good luck hacking! 🙂

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