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Business-driven Governance of United Nations Goals using Social Media

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Pitch video
Full movie: SAS Hackathon 2021 PW Consulting
Subject intro video
Team Name PW Consulting
Track Data for Good
Use Case

Analytical KPI dashboard concerning COVID-19 Twitter posts

Technology Conversational AI / NLP Text Analytics
Region EMEA
Team lead Thomas de Bondt (@thomasdebondt0)
Team members

Thomas van Dongen (@Pringled),

Karolina Touwen (@touwen_k),

Marcel Visser ( @RessivLecram),

Wenkuo Chen (@JianShen),

Zhiwei Fan (@Zhiweiii)

Oswaldo Mego Panduro (@eric111)


A primary goal of the SAS Hackathon is to contribute to the seventeen sustainable development goals of the United Nations. In times of COVID it is not only hard to think of yet another innovative idea, it is even harder to focus on it in the present reality. Life is happening while you are making other plans. Therefore, we aim to contribute to the hackathon in a meta manner by using a combination of pre-existing techniques to provide a backbone to specify, measure, analyze, implement and control progress in reaching the defined goals of the United Nations for use by other (governmental) organizations working on these goals. By influence of the current global pandemic, our example focusses on one specific (business) goal. However, the infrastructure provided can be easily modified and adopted and used for monitoring other development goals.


Video editing: Jeroen de Nooijer

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