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3KT: Video Based Queue Analysis

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Team Name 3KT
Track Industry, IoT+AI
Use Case Video Based Queue Analysis using Computer Vision for Industrial Solution
Technology SAS Viya, Python
Region AP
Team lead Sushant Gote
Team members

@ravi_3k @ruchas @sushantgote @saratk 



                                                 About Us – 3K Technology


  • 3K Technology’s key strength is our focused specialization in building, integrating, and supporting mission-critical business applications.
  • Whatever your objectives, 3K has the knowledge and expertise to deliver now and throughout the project lifecycle.
  • Our objective is to create and maintain long-term, successful relationships with our customers.
  • We have an excellent track record of success with Fortune 500, Middle Market and Start-Up companies.



In our day-to-day life, we come across various queues. In every organization there are counters where people form a queue and get their work done.


A queue is an old and a good way to manage conflicts among people. Sometimes, this is quite tricky to decide which queue one should join or what is the turnaround time per person of each queue.


We propose Video Based Queue Analysis System using Computer Vision, where we will monitor the queue and analyze the average turnaround time.


The queue management system used to control customers’ flow, manage the waiting time and enhance customers’ experience for multiple industries including banking, healthcare, retails, education, government, travel, and telecom. Further, we will also recommend if there is need of new service counters.




With the help of tools like SAS ESP at Edge and Python, we will generate solution which has capabilities to do analytics in real time.



  • Camera feed from location


  • Number and Length of Queues
  • Arrival and Departure Time Analysis,
  • Demographic Analysis of Queue Elements
  • Average Waiting Time for each queue
  • Average Service Time for each queue
  • Turn Around Time
  • Recommendation for which queue to join, Increase / decrease no of service counter


Applications - Where ever queues are significant !

  • Retail Stores and Malls – Billing Counters / Changing – Trail Rooms
  • Petrol Pumps
  • Railway / Stadium Ticket Counter
  • Airport Security Checks
  • Vehicle Queues at Toll plaza
  • Vaccination Queue  – used particularly for Covid Vaccination
  • Bank  Counter Queues
  • Voting Booth Queues


Architecture Diagram




Final Submission:


Hi everyone,


We were thrilled to be part of the SAS Hackathon 2021, really loved the platform and the tools are amazing with Data Science Perspective.


We would like to express our regards to SAS Team for organizing the event on large scale. Special thanks to (Sanjeewa) , our mentor for guiding us and connecting us with technical team for any issue. We would like to thanks other SAS members Tom(, Bertrand(, Daniel(, Dan(,Kevin(, Di(, Jason(  for leading us into appropriate direction and resolving our doubts.


We hope you'll enjoy watching the video!!!!

Best regards,
Team 3KT





looks great, structured well, well-thought out and useful, good luck!


This looks great! 

Dan M

The idea definitely caters to use cases of multiple industries. All the best team 3KT.. 

Nice work team 3kT !

This is awesome.. Congratulations for successfully implementing the Queue Analysis use case.. All the best team 🙂  

Well done.  Such a project could have wide applicability.

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