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I’m excited to share with you a new video series on SAS Deep Learning with Python, or DLPy. DLPy is a toolset in a Python-style shell to SAS scripting language and the SAS deep learning actions from SAS® Visual Data Mining and Machine Learning. Example models covered include image classification, object detection, integration with ONNX, text classification and time series forecasting.


This video series can be found in the Additional Resources section on GitHub.


I recommend that you start with the “Introduction to the Series” video and then move to your area of interest.



To learn more about SAS deep learning with Python, you can read my blog on this topic. In the coming weeks, I’ll post the other videos to give you a taste of all the topics available in the DLPy toolset.


Happy Modeling!



Fluorite | Level 6

Is there a non-video version of this with just screenshots and text?

Community Manager
Hi there- There is not a version with just text and screen captures. Kindly, Susan


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