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3rd Place Winner - 2023 Customer Awards: Hopi - ROI Rock Star
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Company: Hopi

Company background: Hopi is the first and largest multi-brand crm, customized mobile shopping, fintech and martech platform in Turkey, designed for the optimum mobile shopping and payment experience of hyper personalized platform with 15 million + customer.

Contact:  Gül Sağır Aydın

Title:  Consumer Business Asst. General Manager

Country: Turkey

Award Category: ROI Rock Star

What was the business need/presented problem you were faced with?
Hopi is a new generation shopping and fintech- martech platform with 15+ Million customers. Even though we have various data sources, we would like to work with SAS solutions to transfer large and complex data to actions to the right person at the right place with the right offer at the right time.


Before SAS, Hopi was building rule-based segmentations and was targeting them with bulk segmented offers and strategy was to build microsegments according to propensities and lifestyle behaviors and target them on their real-time journeys. Also, we would like to decrease the operational cost of channel management.

How did you use SAS to increase revenue/save money for your organization?
We increased our conversion rate with more targeted campaigns with detailed analysis and propensity models. Also, we advanced our real-time decision-making capabilities and engaged more customers on digital journeys.


We reduced both licensing and operational costs by switching to a single platform that handles the customer with a 360 perspective, instead of tools with different functionalities. While our analytical and digital journey capabilities have improved, automation has been achieved instead of manual analysis and campaign preparation processes and operational cost has been reduced.


In the future, we want to evaluate this business model, which we have created as SAS, Partner Republic, and Hopi, with different opportunities as MASP.

What SAS products did you use and how did you use them?
We developed propensity models on SAS Studio and Model Manager and personalized app journeys on real-time with Intelligent Decisioning. For journey management and channel orchestration we have positioned SAS CI360 and are able to deliver event-based journeys in minutes with very easy to use UI.


In analytical perspective, we have gathered and analyzed transactional and behavioral data. We have developed a loop for running 200 models for 200 product categories in SAS Studio. According to scores and other strategical algorithms we are delivering 15+ million different personalized experiences every day to our customers on their real-time app journeys with SAS VIYA Intelligent Decisioning.


In 360 orchestration perspective, we are managing all digital channels on SAS CI360. Not only have channel orchestration processes improved but also, managing them in a single platform has decreased our operational effort. Now, we can design a digital journey in minutes which enables us to adapt to new trends easily. Also, we have enabled in-app message channel with SAS CI360 and increased conversion and real-time customer engagement. Finally, SAS CI360 enriched our customer data by collecting behavioral unique customer data. This data is not only used in SAS VIYA but also is used by different teams across Hopi.

What were your results? Please quantify.
We have reached more than +4M customers in one year with SAS CI360. Advanced functionalities regarding Journey and Channel management and new use cases built on SAS Solutions increased the conversion rate 1.2 times.


With the introduction of the In-App Message channel, it generated 1.5 times more revenue than Push Notifications.


We increased our conversion rate by %20 with more targeted campaigns, real-time personalized journeys, and more engaged customers.


We replaced 3 different solutions  with SAS. Our costs have been drastically reduced.

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