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How to learn about new features in Customer Intelligence 360
Community Manager

This blog is all about making it easy for you to find out what's new in Customer Intelligence 360. When your organization has updates in production, post usage questions in news-you-can-use-icon.jpgthe Customer Intelligence Community -- and answer other users' questions, if you're so inclined. Comments are welcome on posts, and we also encourage you to post ideas for enhancements on the SASWare Ballot.


How to receive email notifications of new posts 

subscribe.pngIt's easy to be notified via email when new content is published here. These notifications are sent as e-mail from the SAS Support Communities. Through your communities profile page, you can set preferences to control how often you receive the notifications. Important: To subscribe to notifications, you must have a community user name and be logged into the communities site using your profile.


Already you a member? Visit this blog's home page and select Blog Options->Subscribe to receive hot fix notifications.  Notifications look best in HTML format, so be sure to visit your profile preferences and set Email Format to HTML.


How to subscribe to updates using an RSS feed

rssmenu.pngDo you use an RSS feed reader to keep up with your favorite blogs and communities?  If so, you can easily add this blog's feed to your list of subscriptions.  Unlike the e-mail option, anyone can access the RSS feed at any time, no sign in required.


To find the RSS feed for the Customer Intelligence 360 updates, visit this blog's home page and select Blog Options->Subscribe to RSS Feed.

Again, here's a direct link to the RSS feed, which you can add to your favorite feed reader.