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Troubleshooting a Scheduled Input Data Upload or Scenario Optimization in SAS Marketing Optimization

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A scheduled input data upload or scenario optimization is not being executed.


To troubleshoot a failure to execute a scheduled input data upload or scenario optimization, you must first find the source of the problem. Here are the places to look:

  • the scheduled input data upload or scenario optimization
  • the command that is used to run the upload or optimization
  • the scheduling software




If the following suggestions do not provide a solution, see “Troubleshooting Unexpected Behavior” and “Common Sources of Errors” in the SAS Marketing Optimization: Administrator’s Guide. If there is a problem with scheduling SAS Marketing Automation objects when SAS Marketing Optimization is integrated with SAS Marketing Automation, see SAS Marketing Automation: Administrator’s Guide.


Test the Scheduled Input Data Upload or Scenario Optimization


  1. Ensure that no other users have the input data or scenario open in SAS Customer Intelligence Studio.
  2. Open the input data in SAS Customer Intelligence Studio and select Upload Now, or open the scenario in SAS Customer Intelligence Studio and select Optimize Now.
  3. Check the SAS Marketing Optimization logs in the Logs folder for the either the middle or SAS tier for errors.
  4. If the input data does not upload properly, or if the scenario does not optimize properly, follow the steps outlined in “Common Sources of Error” in the SAS Marketing Optimization: Administrator’s Guide.
  5. If the input data uploads without error, or if the scenario optimizes without error, then the object is not the source of the problem. Proceed to the next section.  


Test the Command to Run the Upload or Optimization


  1. Log on to SAS Management Console as an administrator and open the Schedule Manager plug-in.
  2. Identify the flow that is causing the problem that you are troubleshooting.
  3. View the properties for the job within that flow.
  4. Go to the Scheduling Details tab.
  5. Copy the command to upload the input data or optimize the scenario. Here is an example:


         /data/SAS/config/Lev1/SASApp/MoLauncher/" -w

         /SASWIPClientAccess/remote/ServiceRegistry -u sasdemo -p {base65}a1drMzYdDA1 -t

         optimize -i 834 -l en_US


         Note: You must change the host name to match your environment.


     6. Log on to the operating system as a user who has permissions to execute this command. Execute the command at a

         command line.

     7. Check for errors. For a list of logs, see “Summary of Logs for Troubleshooting” in SAS Marketing Optimization: Administrator’s

         Guide. Verify that any exports completed successfully. If they did complete successfully without error, then the problem is with

         scheduling, rather than with uploading or optimizing in SAS Marketing Optimization. Proceed to the next section.

     8. If the execution did not complete successfully, check for the following common problems:


  • Insufficient permissions on the operating system. The user ID that is charged with executing MOLauncher does not have permissions in the operating system to use the cmd.exe executable file. For more information, see your operating system documentation.


  • Insufficient permissions within Platform LSF. The SAS ID that is used is unable to execute a scheduled flow. Remedy this problem by using the lspasswd executable command. Instructions for using this command are in the Platform LSF documentation.


  • Improperly installed MOLauncher. Check to see that sasmolauncher.exe and sasmolauncher.ini files exist. If the files do not exist, re-install MOLauncher.


  • The LSF administrator user ID might not be defined in the SAS Management Console User Manager plug-in. For information about defining the LSF administrator user ID, see “Administering Permissions” in SAS Marketing Optimization: Administrator’s Guide.


  • Errors in the log. Check the *.log files in SASHome\SASMarketingOptimizationLauncher\6.5\Logs for errors. If you do not see logs, you can get an MOLauncher log file by adding the following line to the molauncher.ini file:




     You must rerun your test after adding this line in order to get a log.


  • If jobs seem to be in a running state only, and there is no other activity, one job might be delaying other jobs. To resolve this issue by using the lsfadmin user, enter the following on the command line:


          bhist -l All > <>


  • When you check the file, it contains the list of running jobs. You can use the bkill <jobid> command to kill the queued jobs and then reschedule your job if it does not start via this process.


Test the Scheduling Software


  1. Schedule a job outside SAS Customer Intelligence Studio, such as a SAS Data Integration Studio job.
  2. You can increase LSF logging by setting LSF_LOG_MASK=LOG_DEBUG4 in the lsf.conf file in the \\LSF_SHARE directory.


Next Steps


Even after you have identified the problem source and you have followed the steps above, it still might not be clear how to fix the problem. In this case, try searching SAS Notes at, using different combinations of keywords or error messages that you have encountered.


If the solution to the problem remains unclear, use the problem definition guideline in “Problem Definition” in SAS Marketing Optimization: Administrator’s Guide to send a description of the problem to SAS Technical Support. Include the following details in your description:


  • Tests that you have run, the time when you ran them, and their results
  • Logs that you generated as you tested.
  • A copy of the SAS Marketing Optimization logs in the Logs folder from the middle or SAS tier from the time period when you were running the tests.


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