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The polygon Package

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SAS/IML 14.1 enables you to author, install, and call packages. A package consists of SAS/IML source code, documentation, data sets, and sample programs.See the SAS/IML User's Guide for information about packages.


The attached file implements the polygon package. The polygon package implements various functions for computational geometry on polygons.


A polygon is represented as an n x 2 matrix, where the rows represent adjacent vertices for the polygon. The polygon should be "open," which means that the last row does not equal the first row.


Multiple polygons are represented by an n x 3 matrix. The third column is an ID variable, and the unique values of the column identify different polygons.


For a list of the functions and their syntax, see the help directory in the ZIP file. 


The polygon package accompanies the article

Wicklin, Rick (2016), "Writing Packages: A new way to Distribute and Use SAS/IML Programs", Proceedings of the SAS Global Forum 2016 Conference.

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