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SAS Mobile BI tip #3: When to use tethered and offline modes

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SAS Mobile BI, the mobile application for SAS Visual Analytics, can be configured to operate in a tethered or offline mode. By default, the SAS Mobile BI app is configured to work offline. When configured to tethered mode, reports can be accessed and viewed only when connected to the server tethered mode configuration. This is done by setting the “Purge data” property using the SAS Management Console (SASMC). Once the report is closed, the data and the report are deleted from the mobile device. 


Keep in mind that some of the SAS Visual Analytics features will not work without a server connection.  Example “live data” include:


  • Geo maps, because they need a connection to a map server
  • Time series charts
  • Tables with spark lines
  • Visuals that use aggregated measures within expression, like time-period calculations
  • Visuals with top or bottom ranking
  • Visuals that use count distinct
  • “Report linking” to download the target report and apply the filter context
  • Hierarchical data that exceeds the maximum number of levels defined by an administrator
  • Parameters defined in the report


Note that there is a limit to the amount of data downloaded to the device. The default setting is 250K cells per visual. This setting can be changed in the Transport Services property: 'viewerservices.default.max.cells. An administrator can change this to a higher value. This property represents the total number of cells that is allowed per visual, not the entire report.

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