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Let’s talk graphs. Custom graphs.

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Need to customize a graph for your visualization? Using the SAS Visual Analytics Graph Builder application, you can design a graph specific to your needs. If you’re unsure where to start, here are a couple of resources already posted to the community:


  • Video on how to use SAS Visual Analytics Graph Builder featuring a butterfly chart example in SAS Visual Analytics 6.3.
  • Ask the Expert Q&A session log with information on graphs such as band, needle and step plots, schedule charts and even a step plot overlaid on a needle plot.

Want more? We do too. That’s why in the coming weeks, we’ll post several custom graph examples that you can upload and use for your purposes. Note that the files are in SAS package file (.spk) format. Use these instructions to download them to your machine.

SAS’ Rick Styll kicked things off by explaining Two ways to split bar charts in SAS Visual Analytics.

Follow the SAS Visual Analytics community for more custom graph examples and know that you have a role in this effort too: we encourage you to post your own! Tell the community:

  • How you came up with the custom graph object
  • Any tips to create it
  • How it worked for you


We can all learn from each other’s experiences – so it’d be great to talk custom graphs here. Here’s how to post an example.

  1. From the Actions box, “Write an article” and describe the above points. Make sure your article includes the SAS Visual Analytics version number you used for ease of reference.
  2. Attach your custom graph object.
  3. Check the “SAS Visual Analytics Custom Graph Examples” folder.
  4. Tag appropriately, e.g., “SAS_Visual_Analytics_7.2_Custom_Graph_Object.”
  5. Publish.


After we have several examples, we’ll highlight top-rated graphs. You know you want those bragging rights around the office.

We look forward to your examples!


Great to see the establishment SAS Visual Analytics custom graph community sharing. Thanks and team!

Absolutely, MichelleH, I can't wait to see the graphs!


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