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JRE – Changes in the Documentation for Quarterly Security Updates

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Hello JRE fans! SAS continues to release quarterly security updates for the Java 7 Java Runtime Environment (JRE). SAS® 9.4 deployments (TS1M0 – TS1M5) require Java 7, and SAS® 9.3M2 (TS1M2) deployments can use either Java 6 or Java 7. Keeping Java up-to-date is a security mandate for most of our customers. These quarterly security updates for Java 7SAS Private JRE can be applied to an existing SAS deployment without performing a full update of the SAS software.     


With the release of the August 2018 update, SAS consolidated the instructions that our customers use to download and install the updated JRE into a single installation document. You still reference SAS Note 56203 for information about the quarterly security updates of the SAS Private JRE. Some customers might have bookmarked the Updates for Java 7 downloads page. Here is the difference they will see (this example uses the SAS® 9.4 TS1M4 path):


JRE image.png


The new consolidated installation instructions provide three different scenarios for installation and configuration. These scenarios are determined by the version of SAS and the OS platform. The version of SAS matters because deployment technologies have changed over the course of SAS 9.4 maintenance releases. Even though many SAS customers provided their own Java environment for SAS 9.3, customers can apply quarterly security updates for Java 7 to a SAS 9.3M2 deployment using the manual processes described in the installation instructions.  


The Three Scenarios

  • The first scenario applies to “fairly current” SAS 9.4 deployments:SAS®4 TS1M2 (except Solaris), SAS® 9.4 TS1M3, SAS® 9.4 TS1M4, and SAS® 9.4 TS1M5. Most of the configuration steps are automated. Note that the Solaris deployment for SAS 9.4M2 uses the second (next) scenario.
  • For older SAS 9.4 deployments, use the second scenario: SAS®4 TS1M0, SAS® 9.4 TS1M1, and SAS 9.4® TS1M2 (Solaris only).This section describes the manual configuration steps required when the JRE is updated for these SAS releases.
  • For a SAS 9.3M2 deployment, use the third scenario:SAS®3 TS1M2.For this SAS release, you must install and configure both a JRE and a JDK.



 Thank you @Donna_SAS!

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