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How Customer Intelligence 360 will help you to reach out to your customers using digital channels

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In today’s digital world, you can reach out to your customers via web, mobile and email to share offers and drive conversion along with social media. This leads to different questions as which these digital channels are, what is their role in marketing and how SAS can help to leverage the power of these channels. Let’s see answers to these questions one by one:


Digital channels and their role in marketing tactics:



  • An offer/ promotion is displayed on the placeholders also called as 'spots' available on a web page once the user views the web page ("offer/promotion" use case).


Mobile Spot:

  • An offer/ promotion is displayed on the placeholders also called as 'spots' available in a mobile app ("offer/promotion" use case).

Mobile Push:

  • If you want customers to encourage to open the mobile app for multiple reasons like:
  1. User has not opened the app in some period of time ("drive adoption" use case)
  2. You have a special message or offer waiting for them ("offer/promotion" use case)
  3. You are being invited to explore a new part of the app ("new feature" use case)

Mobile In-App Message:

  • A message is sent to a user when the user is in the app and not in any placeholders within app ("offer / promotion" use case and "new feature" use case)


  • Email channel can be used to invite users to login to a web page or to share offers/promotions or to download App ("offer/promotion" use case and "drive adoption" use case).


How Customer Intelligence 360 can help you to reach out to your customers using these digital channels:

Customer Intelligence 360 allows you to:

  • Create a marketing message
  • Define the segment of customers who are eligible to receive any offer/promotion
  • Send personalized content via web, mobile, and email channels
  • Define your email template
  • Measure the success of the marketing campaign


All the above marketing tactics can be used in conjunction with each other for defining ‘Customer Journey’ in Customer Intelligence 360.


In the Modern Marketing World. Internet Marketing is the best way to Enhance the online business, Digital Marketing strategies is more helpful to stand the business.

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