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Asked & Answered:How to change data source or data partition for an existing project in Model Studio

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97403_banner_Asked&Answered_aqua.pngFor an existing project, would it be possible to:

  1. Reload the input table with additional records?
  2. Reload the input table with additional variables?
  3. Load the input table with different name?
  4. Change the way data is partitioned after any pipeline is executed?


The answer to all the above four questions is YES!


To change the data source or data partition for an existing project:

  • Open the existing Project and go to the Data tab.
  • Click on the “Data sources” icon datasoures.png on the left.
  • Click on “Replace data source” icon replace_datasource.png on the top left – this gives you the capability to select a new data source; whether it is table with additional records, table with additional variables or table with a new name.
  • Additionally, if you want change how the data is partitioned, follow the above steps and select the same or a new table. Then go to the “Partition Data” tab in Project settings (Top right icon projectsettings.png to modify accordingly.


Note that the target variable role in a Model Studio project cannot be modified after executing any node or pipeline in it.


Hi Wendy,


Can we have all the observation read in model studio, without any data partition? because when I tried to do this data partitioning was a mandatory step with some value greater than 0 either for training or validation.  I would want model studio to read 100% observation without data partitioning.


Thank you,


Hi Prajna,

You can always turn off data partitioning at project creation time. When creating a project, click on the Advanced button on the "New Project" window, select "Partition Data" tab and un-select "Create partition variable" check-box (see pic below). Note that you will not be able to change this setting after the Data node in any one of the pipelines is run.







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