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What’s New in SAS® Enterprise Guide® 8.1

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Did you miss our live webinar “What’s New in SAS® Enterprise Guide® 8.1”?  No problem! You can watch the recording right now.


Watch the webinar


Take a tour of the new (released June 2019) SAS Enterprise Guide 8.1. The redefined SAS Enterprise Guide 8 is attractive, flexible, and smart. SAS Enterprise Guide 8 sports a modern interface, tab-based organization of content, and flexible window management such as floating, docking, and leveraging multiple monitors. Want to view your code, log, and results at the same time? SAS Enterprise Guide 8 has you covered. Want to view four data sets at the same time? Sure, no problem. Want to just code, without a project? You got it.



Here are some highlighted questions from the Q&A during the session.


How do I get SAS Enterprise Guide 8.1?  Do I have to update SAS? Is there an extra charge for the new release?  Does it require a new license?

Since this is a major update, that is, going to a new version rather than a hot fix or minor release, you will not be able to use the update functionality within SAS Enterprise Guide to get SAS Enterprise Guide 8.1. A new version must be requested from your administrator. Your administrator should just place a new order and install latest version via the SAS Deployment Wizard or the standalone installer.  SAS does not need to be updated as SAS Enterprise Guide 8.1 works with older SAS releases just fine.  There’s no extra charge or new license required for the new version if you already have SAS Enterprise Guide licensed.


Can I have SAS Enterprise Guide 8.1 and an older version of SAS Enterprise Guide on the same machine?

Yes, you can have multiple versions of SAS Enterprise Guide.  The only thing to watch out for is once a project has been saved in SAS Enterprise Guide 8.x, it is no longer backwards compatible with 7.1x versions of SAS Enterprise Guide. For this reason, if you share SAS Enterprise Guide projects, we recommend coordinating upgrading with your colleagues, so you use the same SAS Enterprise Guide version.


Is running one program at a time still a limitation of new version?

Each program is run in the order they are submitted, but they will be queued as shown in the Submission Status window. But while a program is running, you can view and edit the programs. The submit will be disabled while they are running or queued.   SAS Enterprise Guide also supports parallel execution.


How are custom tasks handled?

Custom tasks work the same way as they did in previous versions of SAS Enterprise Guide.


Is there any functionality we will be losing?

SAS Enterprise Guide 8.1 has parity with SAS Enterprise Guide 7 - things are moved around in some cases but the functionality is the same.




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Is there a guide on how to enter data into the SAS Enterprise Guide?  I am new to the SAS Enterprise Guide and whatever information you would suggest to be helpful, it would much be appreciated.


Thank you,

Steve K.

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In EG 7.15, when I ran a project, I could push the "Stop" button and choose individual tasks to stop. This would allow me to have some of the project run through but not all of it. 


In EG 8.2, the "Stop" button now says "Cancel", and when I push it, it stops the whole project. It doesn't allow me to choose tasks in the project to stop. Is there a way to stop an individual task in a project without having to cancel the whole project? 

If you bring up the Submission Status window (on the View menu in EG 8.2), you should be able to right click on a node that is processing and cancel just that node.



That is exactly what I needed. Thank you. 

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