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Tuesday, April 20, 2021
The information covered in this SAS Bowl IX calendar event also appears in this SAS Community Library article. The events calendar is a new SAS Community space and will lend itself well for scheduling and promoting future SAS Bowl events.   SASGF SAS Global Forum (SASGF) is a long-standing, user driven, annual event. For many years the conference moved from city to city and SAS users, customers, business partners, and staff would gather from points across the globe. This year's event is scheduled for May 18-20 (US), 19-20 (AP), and 25-26 (EMEA), will be held virtually, and is complementary.   This does not mean the conference will lack in content or attendance. Just the opposite. By holding the event virtually (and offering it for free), this allows many more individuals and groups to participate. Those who could not normally attend due to monetary or geographic restrictions can now share in the experience. We all win!   With countless breakout sessions, demos, and hands-on activities planned this year's proceedings will no doubt be a can't-miss event.   Here's a recording from our SAS Bowl Trivia - a few tech glitches, but thanks to @thiago for assembling the video from the scraps:     SAS Bowl IX The April edition of the SAS Support Community trivia event the SAS Bowl will feature our annual event. SAS Bowl IX, SAS Global Forum, is scheduled for April 20, at 4 PM ET. Notice the time change. We're using the new time slot to accommodate those wanting to participate who live outside the US. Who knows, it may be more convenient for those in the US as well?   Below are some resources you can browse to learn more about this year's SASGF and to prepare for the trivia event. SAS GLOBAL FORUM 2021 main page About SAS Global Forum Frequently Asked Questions What makes SAS Global Forum great?    
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Thursday, April 22, 2021
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