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Wednesday, July 13, 2022
Today, with the power of Docker, SAS users on Windows platforms, Mac and Linux can run the latest SAS Studio inside a portable, lightweight container known as SAS Analytics Pro. We'd like for you to learn more about the offering, so we've selected to feature SAS Analytics Pro for SAS Bowl XXI.   Game Details and Access The SAS Support Community trivia event, SAS Bowl XXI, SAS Analytics Pro is scheduled for Wednesday, July 13, at 10 AM ET. Register for the event and receive an invite to a Microsoft Teams meeting and a calendar event. On game day, join the Teams meeting and access the game here.   More About SAS Analytics Pro SAS Analytics Pros is a new, containerized version of SAS is ready to run on your desktop in minutes after downloading the package. The whole deployment is less than 10GB, so it fits neatly on any modern desktop or laptop. Key Features include advanced statistical analysis and reporting, high-impact visuals, all in one package that includes Base SAS, SAS/STAT and SAS/GRAPH with the advanced capabilities of SAS/IML, SAS/OR, SAS/QC and SAS/ETS.   SAS Analytics Pro Resources Here are some resources you can use to get more familiar with SAS Analytics Pro and prepare for the event. Coding in SAS Viya, SAS Analytics Pro - SAS Viya Release Highlights show (20:44) SAS Analytics Pro – Desktop Analytics Containerized! - SAS Hidden Insights blog post by @jarno  Introducing Analytics Pro Advanced Programming: The power of SAS on your desktop - SAS Users blog post by @aadixon and @kumardeva  on how to supercharge you Analytics Pro with added programming features SAS Analytics Pro on - learning, documentation, and support resources   SAS Bowl and event details For those who may be new to the SAS Bowl, you can find game history and specifics in this Community memo. There you'll also find links to previous events, which include recordings.   Register for the event and receive an invite with game details and a Teams meeting link. On game day, Join the TEAMS meeting to play, and show off your SAS and worldly knowledge while competing for bragging rights and SAS Community game gear.
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