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Tuesday, August 15, 2023
SAS Essentials Series (or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Code) This is a three-part series. Each part may be taken individually or as a package. SAS Essentials is a three-part instructor-led course that provides a thorough introduction to the basics of SAS programming, including DATA steps, PROC steps, and the Output Delivery System. In these classes we focus entirely on coding, providing a fundamental education in how SAS thinks and unlocking the power to use the incredible versatility of SAS code.   SAS Essentials I - DATA Steps and Data Manipulation July 18  |  $150/person ($25/students) SAS Essentials I focuses on DATA step programming. Together we'll walk through the fundamental building blocks of a SAS program with a deep dive into data manipulation, including SAS libraries, conditional processing, functions, and more.    SAS Essentials II - PROC Steps and Basic Reporting August 1  |  $150/person ($25/students) SAS Essentials II will feature a showcase of the most common reporting procedures, including MEANS, FREQ, PRINT, TABULATE, and REPORT. We'll also walk through the Output Delivery System and how it can be used to build professional reports the easy way.   SAS Essentials III - Intro to Intermediate Topics August 15  |  $150/person ($25/students) With the fundamentals under our belt, SAS Essentials III will show you tips and techniques for improving your SAS code exponentially with a brief introduction to tools like SQL, Arrays, Macros, and much more. Register Now   Take SAS Essentials for free with a WUSS 2023 scholarship! Scholarships are available for students, faculty, and early career professionals to help cover costs to attend WUSS 2023. Scholarship winners will also get to attend SAS Essentials for free! Apply today!
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Saturday, September 23, 2023
Stonehill College, 320 Washington St, North Easton, MA 02357, USA
BASUG is thrilled to return to meeting IN-PERSON!   Please note, this meeting will be held on a Saturday (September 23), on the beautiful campus of Stonehill College in South Easton, MA (40 minutes South of Boston). The meeting, co-hosted by SAS® and BASUG, features a panel discussion for students and early-career SAS professionals, a presentation on a framework for developing and evaluating Trustworthy AI, and a SAS programming presentation on using SAS to pull data from the web. There will plenty of time for socializing during breakfast, breaks, and lunch. We can't wait to see you! Abstracts are listed below. If you have questions, feel free to email us:   This meeting will not be recorded and will not be live-streamed. We hope to see you in-person.   Register now.   PRESENTATIONS Panel Discussion: Advice for Students and Early Career SAS Professionals Facilitator: Michael Salé, DPS (Chairperson, Department of Management & Business Analytics, Stonehill College) Panelists: Jacqueline Johnson, DrPH (Principal Analytical Training Consultant, SAS); Asli Memisoglu, ScD (Sr. Director, Biostatistics, Cerevel Therapeutics); Justin Scheets, MPS (Director, Product Analytics, athenahealth); Karen Wallace, MPH (Manager, Quality Analytics, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Rhode Island)   Are you a budding data enthusiast eager to embark on a rewarding career in the realm of data analytics, particularly within the SAS ecosystem? Join us for an insightful panel discussion designed to equip you with the essential tools and knowledge needed to excel in this dynamic field. Moderated by BASUG Steering Commitee member Michael Salé of Stonehill College, this panel will feature:   Seasoned professionals with a wealth of experience in data analytics, both traditional and SAS-focused, Emerging professionals who have recently set foot on their data analytics journey, and Insights from representatives from SAS Academic Programs, offering a unique perspective on industry expectations and advancements.   In this interactive session, our esteemed panelists will share their expertise and real-world experiences, focusing on crucial aspects for early career data analytics professionals aiming to thrive within the SAS ecosystem and in data analytics in general. You will also discover the must-have skills and attributes that can enhance your appeal as a desirable candidate for SAS-centered roles. Gain insights into the latest industry trends, analytical methodologies, and technological innovations that are shaping the future of data analytics.   Join us to harness the wisdom of seasoned practitioners, gain practical insights, and chart a course towards a successful data analytics career with SAS. Whether you're a recent graduate, an aspiring analyst, or exploring a career transition, this session promises to be a pivotal step in your journey.   Trustworthy AI Sterlina Smith, JD (Sr Manager, Data Ethics Practice, SAS)   AI is revolutionizing human life and unlocking a whole new world of innovation from helping doctors diagnose medical conditions earlier – and researchers innovate new medications to treat them – to enabling more effective conservation of threatened species and habitats. As AI becomes more prevalent, it will affect nearly every aspect of society from our professional to our personal lives. AI also poses significant risks if created, deployed, and managed without intentionality and discipline. Firms that can demonstrate responsible and ethical use of AI are likely to be more commercially successful. Consumer trust that organizations use AI responsibly is essential for continued business success. This is where Trustworthy AI can help. Trustworthy AI is a framework of principles that can support organizations in responsible AI development and implementation. It helps organizations promote human well-being, respect privacy, proactively mitigate adverse impacts, reflect diverse perspectives and be transparent about decision-making processes and inherent risks. This presentation outlines a comprehensive approach to Trustworthy AI as proposed and practiced at SAS.   How Do You Use SAS® to Access Data and APIs From the Web? Chris Hemedinger (Director of SAS User Engagement, SAS)   Getting data from "live" internet sources is often seen as a separate step from your SAS process. Join SAS expert Chris Hemedinger as he demonstrates how to use specialized statements and techniques within SAS to pull this data from your SAS programs with no additional process. No need for a separate script in Python or cURL – SAS can do it all. Access data from any API, including services like Google Analytics, GitHub, Microsoft365 and more.   You will learn:   Ways to use PROC HTTP as a web client to download data or use REST APIs. How to process API results of any type in SAS: JSON, ZIP files and more. To test APIs outside of SAS and debug your SAS programs that use APIs. Presenter Biographies   Schedule   8:45 AM - 9:45 AM Registration / Breakfast 9:45 AM - 1:15 PM Presentations 1:15 PM - 2:30 PM Lunch & Socializing   Refunds: BASUG will not offer refunds for this meeting.   Register now.
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Thursday, September 28, 2023
VisTaTech Center, Haggerty Road, Livonia, MI, USA
Date: Thursday, September 28, 2023 Time: 8:00 AM - 4:30 PM  ET Place: VisTaTech Center            Schoolcraft College            18600 Haggerty Rd            Livonia, MI  48152 Cost:  $50 on or before September 13, 2023; $95 after September 13; $10 for students with proof of student status. Includes breakfast and lunch.  If you are a student, send proof of your student status to to obtain the discount registration code.  Register Now!   Agenda Getting Started with Machine Learning - Melodie Rush, SAS Why Choose Between SAS DATA Step and PROC SQL When You Can Have Both? - Rebecca Callaway, SAS Using Macro Variable Lists to Create Dynamic Data-Driven Programs - Josh Horstman, Nested Loop Consulting What if PROC POWER Can't Help? Calculating Power Via Simulation, Example with Count Regression - Brandy Sinco, University of Michigan Logistic Modeling Without Split-Samples - Bruce Lund, Statistical Trainer Using SAS Unobserved Components Models: Applications in Post-COVID Analysis - David Corliss, Grafham Analytics Anything Anywhere All At Once: Output Graphs, Tables, and Text As Any Composite You Wish - LeRoy Bessler, Bessler Consulting & Research Basic Concepts of Statistical Power - Mike Oliansky, Latcha+Associates Handling Missing Values in SAS - Melodie Rush, SAS Validating User Supplied Parameter Values when Calling a Macro - Rebecca Callaway, SAS Creating and Customizing High-Impact Excel Workbooks from SAS with ODS EXCEL- Josh Horstman, Nested Loop Consulting My Graphic Inventions: You Can Do These, Too - LeRoy Bessler, Bessler Consulting & Research Basic Concepts of Logistic Regression - Mike Oliansky, Latcha+Associates There will be pre- and post-conference training classes on Wednesday, Sep 27 and Friday, Sep 29, also at Schoolcraft College.  Here is the training class schedule (click on the title for more details): Wednesday, September 27 8:00 AM - Noon:  Fifty-Five Functions to Supercharge your SAS Code - Josh Horstman, Nested Loop Consulting 1:00 - 5:00 PM:  Advanced DATA Step Programming: Tips & Techniques - Josh Horstman, Nested Loop Consulting   Friday, September 29 8:00 AM - Noon:  Analyzing Complex Sample Survey Data in the SAS Software, Part I: Conceptual Background - Brady West, University of Michigan 1:00 - 5:00 PM:  Analyzing Complex Sample Survey Data in the SAS Software, Part II: Applications in SAS - Brady West, University of Michigan The fee for each half-day training class is $185.   Register Now!   MSUG has arranged for a block of rooms at the Residence Inn Detroit Livonia, which is just down the street from Schoolcraft, at the discount rate of $119/night + tax.  Use this link to reserve your room in the MSUG block.
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Tuesday, October 31, 2023
Centre Mont-Royal, Mansfield Street, Montreal, QC, Canada
Thursday, November 23, 2023
National Arts Centre, Elgin Street, Ottawa, ON, Canada