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version control?

For those of you in IR offices with more than one person, how do you handle sharing SAS programs and keeping track of changes?


Sarah Donnelly

Raritan Valley Community College

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Re: version control?
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We work remotely, and keep our SAS programs in an online file storage. If one of us updates a frequently used program, we archive the old one to an archive folder, and replace it with the updated, sending out a message to everyone: "05/24/17: the program has been updated to properly sort abc before 123, and saved in the SAS programs folder." We also annotate our files to show major updates in the top paragraph of each program.

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Re: version control?
At Sinclair, we use PVCS for version of SAS and EG project files, promoting between QA and Prod environments.
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Re: version control?
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I version all of my SAS programs and Enterprise Guide projects using Git. Git is open source, free, and quickly becoming the standard version control software.

The downside to Git is that there is a fairly steep learning curve, and may require you to be comfortable with the command line. Fortunately, if you use a Windows computer, there are GUIs out there like TortoiseGit that allow easier interaction with the tool.

Also, there are many resources out there to help you learn Git:

Free codecademy course in Git

GitHub try Git tutorial

TortoiseGit Git GUI

Good luck! Hopefully you find something that meets your needs.

Katie Tanner
Sr. Research Analyst
Capella University