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Thanks for the Fall SUGIR session!

Just wanted to say that this was an amazing collection of presentations and that all the presenters were first-rate, as was the hosting by David Stephenson.  We are currenty going through an on-campus budget process to see if we can acquire Visual Analytics, and some of the sessions today were very helpful in showing other institution's progress and processes in working wih VA.  Can't wait to see the PDFs for this session made available.


Evan Davies

College of William & Mary

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Re: Thanks for the Fall SUGIR session!

Agreed!  Many thanks to the presenters and organizers.  I'm especially excited to try using ODS EXCEL to streamline the process of creating our factbook and other reports.


Sarah Donnelly

Raritan Valley Community College

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Re: Thanks for the Fall SUGIR session!
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I agree! Wish I had known about these sessions sooner! Very excited to try this process for the CGS survey. I've been wanting to streamline it for a couple of years now, but never had the time to figure it out! The excel ODS will be a great tool as well! Thanks again!


Cecila King

Mississippi State University