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Multiple charts with same legend

Hi all,

I'm working on a visual that contains a number of bar charts, all different questions from a survey with the same response set (1 - Not Important, 2 - Somewhat Important, 3 - Very Important). I'd love to be able to use the same legend for all of the charts to streamline the visual a bit.

Any suggestions?

See visual below.

Multiple Legend Example.PNG

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Re: Multiple charts with same legend

Hi Rob.  I would probably move the legend for the first chart to the left, then hide all of the other legends.  I used my own data to try to create something similar to your charts.  To "move" or "not show" the legends you have to go to the Properties tab and scroll to the bottom.

one legend example.png

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Re: Multiple charts with same legend

Rob, if you are using Visual Analytics 7.1, you could use dyanamic substitue graph roles using paramertized expressions.  See SGF15 paper SAS1854_Lui-1884-2015 (.  In the example he uses a button bar control; I'd change it to a List Box.  So, put the questions in the List box control and as a category variable in the graph.  This method would also let the user select which questions they want to see or focus in on.