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Enrollment Reporting Formats

We are in the processing of updating our enrollment reports.  I'm looking for ideas on a format for enrollment reporting using SAS Visual Analytics (version 7.1).  For example, do you include filters for gender, race, ethnicity?  Do you present headcount and FTE on the same report?  Does enrollment reporting include daily enrollment snapshots with year-to-year comparison?  Do you use some kind of frozen, census snapshot (e.g.  14th day or end of term)?  Just trying to get some ideas.  Thanks!

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Re: Enrollment Reporting Formats
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Are these internal operational reports or something that will be viewed outside your organization?  If they're operational, then you might want to include daily or weekly so the functional offices can plan for classroom management and course load.  If it's something that will be public, then you'll want to stick to census data (3rd week, not end-of-term).  Really, I would recommend thinking first about who the audience is and what kinds of questions they're trying to answer with the reports.  Defining those will help guide you to the decide on what will be useful.

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Re: Enrollment Reporting Formats
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We based our model off of the University of Washington.

You should not display FTE and headcount at the same time,  the user should be able to select the measure e.g. FTE or headcount and the entire display should be based on that measure.  If you do not have a very strong use case to go with non-finalized data then you can use census 2 data.  Since you are on Visual Analytics I recommend using the built in double click hierarchy options where you start with one level of data and you can click into it, university >> college >> (major or degree level or student level, depending on your model). You should have a small section that displays tabular data.  You should be comparing at least five years of data. 

The user should be able to slice the report by about 15 different primary and secondary criteria like gender and age.

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