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Diversity Reporting

We have a new Director of Diversity, and we have been tasked with creating an annual diversity report for the director.  We used to create a very basic report with enrollment and retention information, but the new director is going to need more insights than the old report provided.  There's so much that we could include, but we're not certain what would be useful/helpful (and realistic to put together on an annual basis).

Do you all create diversity reports?  If so, what kind of information do you include in the reports?  Do you use IPEDS race/ethnicity or the individual responses?

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Re: Diversity Reporting
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As a large public university, we have a lot of student headcount reports available by race/ethnicity in our restricted portal. We have also recently created some ad-hoc reports that display faculty and staff headcount and FTE by race/ethnicity.  We use the IPEDS race definitions in our reporting.  We have created comparative reports at the two digit CIP code by instructor level (Professor, Assoc. Prof, Assist. Prof. etc) for a new hiring initiative.   I suggest you see if there are any 'hot topics' where your director needs to have supporting data.  If you use IPEDS extracts for comparison, I recommend that you educate your readers about the definition used in IPEDS FTE,  if it is different than your local definition. Good luck with your project.

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Re: Diversity Reporting
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Using the IPEDS definition versus individual responses depends on whether or not you want to compare your data to that of other institutions.  Internally, we use the individual responses because the “Two or more Races” category is made up mostly of minorities and increased, as our minority numbers decreased, after the category was implemented in 2010. 

If I were to produce a diversity report for our administration I would likely include the following by the defined diversity categories over a five year period:


  • Enrollment
  • Enrollment by county/state
  • Enrollment by high school
  • 1-Year and 2-Year Retention
  • 4-year, 5-year, and 6-year graduation rates (including transfer out data from the National Student Clearinghouse)
  • Degrees awarded by major/degree type (particularly in the STEM areas)
  • # and % who applied, were admitted, enrolled by student type (first-time undergraduate, first-time graduate students, transfers) and/or by major
  • Faculty
  • Administrators