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When you call the zipcitydist() function and supply an zipcode that doesn't exist in sashelp.zipcode like below:


option notes;

data zip;
  zip = 12345;

proc sql noprint;
  select zipcitydist(00000,99999) from zip;

Part of the log displayed is this note:


NOTE: ZIP code value 0 could not be found in SASHELP.ZIPCODE.

Not necessarily a bad note, unless your dataset is millions of rows, and you get a note for each one.


Can the default behavior of this note be changed so that only the first 10 or so examples are displayed and then we get a note saying further examples were omitted from the log?  Currently the only alternative is to use 'option nonote' which is overkill.


Super User

Are you getting "random" bad zips or are all of these either '00000' or '99999'?

If you are getting a lot of '00000' because of missing data then perhaps a simple test that neither of the zips are equal to 00000 or 99999 before calling the function.



Quartz | Level 8

@ballardw Random bad zips from user input data.  The above code was just an example to illustrate the log message.


In hindsight, the example I gave was still overly complicated, I could have demonstrated it with a simple data step instead.

Super User

I wonder if a modified sashelp.zipcode data set with missing values for X and y for all of the zips not assigned would address this? Or just add a bunch of missing coordinates errors instead?


I suspect that the instructions on updating the sashelp.zipcode data set could be modified to use a modified data set.


I know it is possible to create a validation format and only call the function when both values are valid but with the numbers of records you are using I'm not sure of the performance hit.


proc sql;
   create table zipcntlin as
   select distinct zip as start,'Valid' as label, 'Validzip' as fmtname
         ,'N' as type
   from sashelp.zipcode

proc format library=work cntlin=zipcntlin;

Use would be something like:


if put(zip1,validfmt.)='Valid' and Put(zip2,validfmt.)='Valid' then distance=zipcitydist(zip1, zip2);


or an equivalent CASE statement in Proc SQL.