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by Trusted Advisor
a month ago

Hello @tomrvincent,


perhaps I am not understanding you, could you please elaborate your idea?


Reason is that, as far as I am concerned, read and write access to ODBC data sources is available as long as is configured on the SAS connection, the ODBC connection and the user of the connection has the permissions to the databases.

by Frequent Contributor
a month ago

If I try to read Access or SQL Server on Linux, I get a misleading error message: ERROR: DBMS type ACCESS not valid for import.

But Access IS valid for import.  This is what I got from SAS tech support:

In the notes from this track I see you are running SAS on a Linux system.
In this case the DBMS of ACCESS and EXCEL will be unavailable.
This is due to their reliance on the Microsoft drivers for their interaction with the end file.
In this case the options are limited when working with MS Access database files.
The use of the PC Files Server will be the only solution that would allow a Linux based install to interact with Access.


Now, there ARE ODBC equivalents for Linux and SAS should utilize them for accessing Access and SQL Server.

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