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on ‎02-22-2013 04:08 PM

Please clarify the question.

1. AutoCall:

Macros compiled in a session or job are stored in catalog: work.sasmacr.

* macro autocall is list of filerefs;

options mautosource

  sasautos = (Project SiteMacr SASautos);

2. Compiled and Stored (C&S)

enable the C&S feature with options mstored and sasmstore:

* macros compiled and stored in libref.SASmacr.sas7bcat;

*libname LibMacro '<directory-specification>';

*options Mstored

  SASmStore = LibMacro;

This is similar to the fmtsearch option: i.e.: sasmstore argument is a libref.

It seems to me that the Q is a request for this syntax:

*options Mstored

  SASmStore = (LibMacr1 LibMacr2);

i.e. a list of librefs, which I do not think works at the present: SAS v9.3.2.

Beware of name collisions!

reference: A SASautos Companion

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