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by PROC Star
on ‎05-13-2012 08:11 PM

Whatever happened to 2009 ballot item #4 overall, #2 in category?

provide the functionality to stop a SAS

process in interactive mode exactly as

the ERRORABEND option stops a

process in batch mode - immediately

stop the process upon error, produce a

log, and not terminate the session

Please forbid my skepticism, but users have been clamoring for years to have better error-handling control. Error-handling is even worse when running code in a remote session of some sort (remote submit or EG) instead of a local session. Surely the ability to reliably to stop interactive or batch processes in case of error, in case or time out, and in case of user request is a basic requirement?

OK, enough of the skepticism, I'll resume voting in the ballot this year as sas is showing interest by deploying by this warm and fuzzy "social" voting interface.

by SAS Employee Redwolf
on ‎05-17-2012 11:14 AM

According to what I just read in the suggestion, development is still looking into this.

by Occasional Contributor PeterAndersson
on ‎08-15-2013 02:08 PM
IT Consultant, Frankfurt, Germany
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