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by SAS Employee EM_sas
on ‎07-28-2015 09:22 AM

Starting in SAS 9.4, SAS has 2 functions for time zone conversion.

TZONES2U() converts a SAS datetime to a UTC datetime.

TZONEU2S() converts a UTC datetime to a SAS datetime.

There are other time zone functions that are new in 9.4 as well.

Check out the What' New section in the doc here:

SAS(R) 9.4 National Language Support (NLS): Reference Guide, Fourth Edition

by Occasional Contributor RobP
on ‎08-26-2016 01:48 PM

What service pack was this functionality released with?  The original 9.4 or one of the maintenance releases?

by Community Manager
‎08-26-2016 01:57 PM - edited ‎08-26-2016 01:58 PM

@RobP, I think these were in original 9.4.  Prior to 9.4 you could use the undocumented gmtoff() function, which works like the current tzoneoff() function.  See also:

by Occasional Contributor RobP
on ‎08-26-2016 01:58 PM

@ChrisHemedingerPerfect... thanks for the speedy reply!

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