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Thanks for the feedback!  We certainly understand how this causes pain and are considering addressing it in a future release (of both EG and Studio).  Here are our early thoughts...


EG (and Studio) generate SAS code (for results generation, setting options, and providing other various services) which is submitted along with the user-entered code.  Usually, users only want to see their (user-entered) code (in the editor and in the log), but sometimes they want to see the *full* code and/or log (including the client-generated code).  We are contemplating designs that would allow the user code to remain "front-and-center" in both the editor and log, but also provide a way to easily see the client-generated code (again, in editor and log) when desired.  For example, perhaps putting the client-generated code in collapsible code regions in the editor and log.  That would give you a one-line indication of the existence of the client-generated code (thus, not clutter your user code/log) and would allow you to easily expand it when you wanted to see the full client-generated code/log.


By the way, Studio partially addresses this now with its "Show generated code in the SAS log" option in Preferences->General.

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