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by Super User
on ‎03-06-2017 08:56 PM

SAS is more designed for you to write some code to check things, working with large data in Excel isn't fun and prone to mistakes. Often when checking something someone's done in Excel, there's a problem in Excel. 


You should be able to right click a dataset and open in Excel the last time I checked though. 

by Occasional Contributor _Asdfghjkl
on ‎03-06-2017 09:07 PM

Sometimes, quick one-off checks can be done faster in Excel instead of writing code. Being able to rapidly copy-paste data into Excel/notepad is a useful feature for various purposes.


Right-click a dataset and using [Send To] > [Microsoft Excel] only works up to 10,000 rows. If you have 20k rows in the dataset, it cuts out at 10,000 rows.


Dumping 20k rows requires you to right-click dataset, [Export] > [Export xxx as a Step in Project...] to dump 20k rows.

by Occasional Contributor _Asdfghjkl
‎03-06-2017 09:16 PM - edited ‎03-06-2017 09:30 PM

I withdraw my statement regarding 10k row limit.


I subsequently found the 10k row display limit is set by:


[Tools] > [Options] > [Data] > [Performance] and set [Maximum number of rows to display in the data grid with SAS/ACCESS data:] to [No Limit]


Incidentally this also seems to control the [Send To] > [Microsoft Excel] feature when the dataset isnt in the WORK folder.


A bit more experimenting also shows me ctrl-c, ctrl-v only copy pastes the displayed data in the dataset (not the full dataset). So I am forced to use the [Send To] or [Export] features in SAS. It would be nice if ctrl-c, ctrl-v grabs all the dataset rather than only whats displayed.

by Super User
‎03-07-2017 02:59 AM - edited ‎03-07-2017 07:14 AM

As an addendum: send to Excel is extremely non-performant. It actually opens Excel in the background and writes to the spreadsheet cell-by-cell. Exporting to a file and opening that in Excel runs circles around "send to".

Edit: fixed typos.

by Community Manager
on ‎03-07-2017 08:05 AM

The default 10K limit applies to database tables only (those accessed via SAS/ACCESS library engines), and not native SAS data sets.   As you found, you can adjust that limit upward at the potential risk of slower performance or more impact on the database.


Send To->Excel is convenient, but can be slow as @KurtBremser says.  Export to Excel is faster.  


Don't forget the built-in Where command bar in the data grid -- it can be very effective for quick data checks.

by Community Manager
on ‎04-21-2017 04:30 PM
Status changed to: Implemented

As the Tools->Options values can control how much data you can see in the data view, that part is considered Implemented.  As far as putting the entire data set on the clipboard -- beyond what you can see in the grid view -- that's probably not realistic (as it could easily consume all memory and generate some nasty exceptions).

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