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by PROC Star
on ‎08-12-2015 10:49 PM

And I think I recall that "size occupied on disk" is also available yet somewhere else.

by Super User
on ‎08-13-2015 10:15 AM

The V tables you refer to are actually views, so there is no reason why you couldn't copy that code, and modify it in the  I do agree though a centralised metadata setup would be useful which is why I add a vote here (why did you not vote for your own idea?).  The one thing I would just note however is that the metadata could get quite large.

by PROC Star
on ‎08-17-2015 07:08 PM

Not any larger than what we have, I am not after more information, but all in one place.

by Regular Contributor
on ‎08-28-2015 09:23 AM

good idea, so, how do think we should do it?

by PROC Star
on ‎08-28-2015 06:23 PM

I don't want to be too directive but proc contents out= seems the perfect vehicle. Sashelp.Vtable is too slow. Ods output needs noprint off. Why the downvote?

by Regular Contributor
on ‎08-31-2015 08:29 AM

Please be more explicit and directive, give a suggestion.  I haven't been convinced that a PROC CONTENTS solution is better that the SASHELP solution.

by PROC Star
on ‎09-09-2015 03:03 AM

1- Have libnames with thousands of tables | large SPDE tables | RDBMS access views and you'll see why proc contents is better: the SASHELP views will take for ever to be accessed.

2- The SASHELP views are incomplete anyway. All sources are incomplete at the moment, hence my suggestion.

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