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by Super User
on ‎05-04-2016 09:57 AM



In previous versions before the install there's usually an option to select the languages you want to install. 

I don't know why you're missing this step somehow, in your Deployment Wizard.  



by Super Contributor
on ‎05-04-2016 07:31 PM

Weird.  I got the "What language do you want to run the install in" but that was it (at least from what I saw).  From what I saw on the FAQ, it doesn't sound like there's an option and it has to be manually removed, but that may just be after the fact.


thanks for the reply ;-)


by SAS Employee sasste
on ‎05-06-2016 04:33 PM

During the SAS 9.4 installation, the SAS Deployment Wizard will present a Language choice dialog.  By default, all the various languages are pre-selected.   The installer can select the "Clear All" button on the bottom of the dialog.   Afterwards, only the English language selection will remain selected.   Thereafter, the installer can choose "Next >".  The SAS Deployment Wizard will only install the English language type.



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