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by SAS Employee Casey_SAS
on ‎04-14-2017 05:42 AM
Status changed to: Under Consideration

We are reviewing this suggestion for a future release of Enterprise Guide - thanks for the idea!

by Occasional Contributor seanrez
‎06-23-2017 11:38 AM - edited ‎06-23-2017 11:39 AM

Great ideas!!  There should also be an option to disable Auto Arrange in the system options.  Also, the "snap to grid" squares are much too small.  It's much too hard to align programs; sometimes when I double-click on a program, the icon moves.  


There are other problems too.  See the following thread.  Sometimes Auto Arrange turns on without permission, wrecking my carefully arranged process flows, costing me valuable time.  It's very annoying and I would consider it a bug.


SAS Auto Arrange Mess

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