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In EG 7.x, when a project was run, the results were automatically displayed.  In EG 8.x, this feature was turned off.  SAS Technical Support indicated this was design feature to improve performance.  Although, this would be nice to be able to be controlled by the preferences.  Many of our users kick off their projects to run and are not necessarily monitoring it or have the 'Submission Status' displayed, so there isn't any visual indication that the project actually ran.  In the past, they used the displayed results as this indication.


The idea is to allow the user to set in their preferences whether or not to display the results within a project.  Currently, they don't have this option and they are not happy this functionality was removed in 8.x.

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SAS Employee

Hi and thanks for your feedback.


I had already submitted this problem to R&D back in September.

Likely there will be no change in the current design in this regard,

however, I did add your feedback to the defect so that R&D will see it.


As a work around for your team I would suggest they add an email step at the end of their process flow or project so they will at least be notified when the job is finished.


1. Tools > Options > Administration > add their SMTP information and their email address.

2. At the end of their process flow or project they could add a dummy dataset called "Finished" then do a List Data task on it to create results.  Then, on the results choose Share to then choose Email as a Step in Project.


Feel free to call SAS Technical Support or open a track with us if you need help with this.