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by Super User
on ‎11-21-2017 03:46 AM

All client software that depends on a server anyway should be available like that (SMC, OLAP Cube Studio, Information Map Studio, ..).

by SAS Employee JohnB
on ‎11-22-2017 03:24 PM
Status changed to: Not Planned

Thank you for the post.


Unfortunately a public download of SAS Enterprise Guide is not available. Enterprise Guide is a licensed product in certain SAS bundles which is why a public download is not available.



by Contributor tlk
on ‎11-27-2017 04:08 PM

I don't want a public download as a customer of SAS I'm registered, so I want to be able to download any version of EG standalone install and not to have to place software order between revision 16w48 and before 17w38 to have EG 7.13.  Check for update is not an option for support reason(300+ users)

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