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In the current version of SAS EG, it offers several options to Export text files to.  Text (comma delimited), Text, Text (tab delimited) & text (Space Delimited).  Given that data can contains Commas, spaces, etc. we would like a feature where we can specify a delimiter such a tilde or a pipe, etc.  It seems like it would be easy to accomplish (not knowing) but wanted tot how it out there.  Currently we've written macro code to ODS it and specify the delimiter in the macro variable, but it's not intuitive to use for non-sas coders as they have to open program window to run the macro.  Thoughts?


Appreciate any feedback or thoughts you could provide back.


SAS EG 7.15 HF2 ( (32-bit)

Site number: 70056423


Jarrod A. Romine / Michelle A. Dovolos /

952-202-2241 / 952-202-2079