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by SAS Employee Marc_SAS
on ‎06-25-2015 09:59 AM

  Dataflux DMP address verification currently follows the USPS CASS rule known as the "Cardinal Rule" to verify addresses. The "Cardinal Rule" says that directionals in addresses can only be corrected if they are completely missing, or if they are partially correct. Thus, "E" (for East) in an address could be corrected to "NE" or "SE", but cannot be corrected to "W". DMP address verification nodes also have a configurable non-CASS mode. Even in the non-CASS mode, DMP will follow the "Cardinal Rule", although it will break or bend other CASS rules in the non CASS complaint mode. This ballot requests to change that behavior so that DMP address verification, in non-CASS mode, will try the other possible directional values to find a match.

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