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by Super User
‎12-14-2016 02:33 AM - edited ‎12-14-2016 02:34 AM

I'd suggest an additional moderator in the e8601 formats that controls the "T" character, similar to what can be done with some date formats:

yymmdd10. -> slashes

yymmddp10. -> dots

yymmddn8. -> no separators


PS and, oh yeah, the execrable Excel also can't read ISO standard formats. Well, what would one expect ...

by PROC Star
‎12-14-2016 03:33 PM - edited ‎12-14-2016 05:32 PM

@KurtBremser I agree. The plethora of 8601 formats could have been created this way as they mostly fiddle with separators and time zones. Not my call and useful either way.Smiley Happy


Lol execrable!

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