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by Trusted Advisor
on ‎07-23-2014 07:08 PM

What happened to Save As...?

by Regular Contributor
on ‎08-18-2014 05:47 PM

I might have titled this "Copy Enterprise Guide Process Flow from One Project to Insert into or Append to  Another Project"

by SAS Employee I_Kong_SAS
on ‎12-03-2014 04:51 PM

Hi all, you can copy/paste a process flow from one project to another or within an existing project in SAS Enterprise Guide 7.1 (recently released on 7 October 2014) so that you can more easily reuse your process flow logic in other projects or with colleagues. Prompts are not currently copied but are being researched for a future release.

by Community Manager
on ‎04-01-2015 04:55 PM

Marking this as DELIVERED in SAS Enterprise Guide 7.1.  The exception that I-Kong pointed out -- support for copying project prompts that are referenced in a process flow -- is on the list for an upcoming release.

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