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I would like to be able to explicitly specify which StatGraph template to use in a call to Proc GRENDER.


Currently, Proc GRENDER relies on the ODS PATH setting at the time of execution. 


The code snippet below is what I would really like to be able to do in a future release, at present this is not possible (under SAS9.4M6). I would not need to use the ODS PATH statement at all, and my Proc GRENDER would be very clear about where it will be looking for its template, in this case in the Daves_Templates Item Store contained in the MYTEMPS library.


Libname MYTEMPS "C:\Reporting\PROD\Templates";
Proc Template;
Define StatGraph MyFirstGo /   STORE= MYTEMPS.Daves_Templates;
    <Template Definition Goes Here>


*Ideally run the Proc SGRender completely independently of the current ODS PATH value.                                             ;
Proc SGRender   Data      =WORK.MyDataForCharting
                Template  =MYTEMPS.Daves_Templates.MyFirstGo

Being able to explicitly specify the Libref/Item Store combination in the Proc GRENDER makes it clearer to read but also more amenable to a DEV/TEST/PROD type development cycle.


Downunder Dave