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by Trusted Advisor
on ‎09-11-2014 09:49 AM

Would be better to go for conformance to SIEM logging. It is not a technical question but a regulations compliancy one. 
Already being partially present with APM and Eventmanager.

by PROC Star
on ‎09-11-2014 10:38 PM

Thanks Jaap

The beauty of altlog is that it would not interfere with any logging done via APM etc for compliance issues.

Suppose I'm developing a nightly ETL job that will run on the batch server, and I want to write the log file from that job to a .log file somewhere convenient for my needs as a developer.  Currently if I want control of where "my" log will be written, I have to use PROC PRINTTO to redirect the log.  This works for my needs (I get my log file), but of course this breaks the official batch server logs (because for my job, they will show only that PROC PRINTTO was called).  Were I working in a place where batch server logs were of regulatory/compliance concern, this would obviously not be acceptable.  So providing the ability to invoke -altlog within a session would allow me to make sure my jobs produce the official logs (to keep admins, regulators, and compliance happy), but also can produce a .log file useful to me (to keep me happy). 

I agree that logs are necessary and useful for admins etc.  But logs are also still an important tool for developers.

by Trusted Advisor
on ‎09-12-2014 02:28 AM

Fully agree on the different goals Quentin. We are not different on that part.
We are back that ICT staff should be aligned with developers and the business. Like: 4 tips for modern CIOs - The Corner Office

So we have TI-developer (and others ITstaff) as the app-developer (Dev ops and others) and the business (several line).

What can de TI-developer do for you:
- For every type of WS SP and other server defining the log levels.   SAS(R) 9.3 Logging: Configuration and Programming Reference

  For the WS it your DI or EGuide running  by your user. The log will be your log.

- What can you do, including arm logging by yourself. SAS(R) 9.3 Interface to Application Response Measurement (ARM): Reference

This can be build in programs SAS(R) 9.3 Interface to Application Response Measurement (ARM): Reference (Conditional ARM Macro Execution for ARM).  APM should have his goal also for the developer it his information there, why is he forgotten?

- Eguide (latest version) is containing a log extract for the developer. When the code is correct it can be handed over to Prod. 

- We are in the days that running jobs parallel will get more common momentum. Wit running parallel that must be also something smarter about all created logfiles. Yes logging is important and surely for developers. It is often the only source to get information on what happened to find problems in the source.  (alarm: confusing sentence) .

I expect your reaction "I have always done it this way" grid not for me hmmm.  Eguide 5.1 is having this parallel running for developers   

There is one dogma for me, never code hard any physical dependencies in your code. Of course that one will be not always hold with one time run actions. But having the development segregated from production should by the ideal.

You say you want to control where your "log" is written by the operations team by coding that in your program.
You could also ask to have only read access to the logfiles or getting a location with an additional copy.  It not your program anymore when handed over.  They are several ways to achieve that.  
And that operations team should not block because they are the people of production (do not laugh it happens).  

I understand where our difference is in the technical way of the implementation.
There is something of experiences in my history app-developers proposing things with impact in the technical parts they did not understand.
A good cooperation between them with acceptance they are different on details is important.  

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