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by Respected Advisor
on ‎01-09-2013 09:50 AM
Good morning Linlin,
Birthday celebration is a purely cultural tradition. It has to do with the way we want to live together, as a society. In my family, we celebrate every birthday as an opportunity, once a year, to tell somebody that we love him/her. In Québec, we eat a cake or raise a glass of wine and sing “Ma chère Linlin, c’est à ton tour, de te laisser parler d’amour” which is difficult to translate. It means something like “My dear Linlin, now is your turn to be told we love you”.
by Super Contributor
on ‎01-09-2013 10:04 AM
Have you celebrated your birthday yet?
by Respected Advisor
on ‎01-09-2013 10:27 AM
No, it is at the end of the month, on the 28th. Fortunately, there is a little break between new year and my birthday.
by Super Contributor
on ‎01-09-2013 10:43 AM
Then I can celebrate yours and Calvin's together. Calvin is 24th.
by SAS Employee NickS
on ‎10-03-2014 07:07 AM

In fact, I don't think there should be a reserved space at all for the controls- you should be able to add these anywhere on the dashboard, controlled by adding in containers.

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