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by Trusted Advisor
on ‎07-10-2017 08:44 AM

Depending on what you are doing, it would be very simple to surround text with single quotes. I have done it many times. Can you give us an example of what you are trying to do?

by Super User
‎07-10-2017 09:06 AM - edited ‎07-10-2017 09:23 AM


There are ways to convert using QUOTE() function, but not with a format.


Say for example I had a table of code/decode values and I needed to generate an SQL CASE statement like this where double quotes indicate an object name and single quotes indicate a string literal.

case when ("oldvar" = 'A') then 'Group A' end as "newvar"

from data like:

oldvar|A|Group A|newvar

If there was a $QUOTES format then you could write the code using PUT statements like this:

if first.varname then put 'case ';
put 'when (' varname :$quote. '=' oldvalue :$quotes. ') then ' value :$quotes. ;
if last.varname then put 'end as ' targetvar :$quote.;


by SAS Employee kmw
on ‎07-12-2017 03:44 PM

I support formats in Technical Support at SAS and will consider requesting a new format for this purpose.  If it's approved it would be for a future release so in the  meantime, here's a solution that uses PROC FCMP to write a function and then PROC FORMAT uses the function as a format.


proc fcmp outlib=work.myfncs.stuff;

function singquote(x $) $200;



options cmplib=work.myfncs;


proc format;

value $singquote(min=3 max=200 default=32) other=[singquote()];



data _null_;

length x $200;


put x=singquote100.;

x="don't worry it's OK";

put x=singquote100.;

x='has "double" quotes';

put x=singquote100.;



/* written to log */


x='don''t worry it''s OK'

x='has "double" quotes'

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